Commissions and Custom Work

I specialize in custom work…any idea you have, I’d love to paint- be it a family member, rock star…or some fantastic idea floating around your head.  I always require a 50% deposit on commissions…the balance is due upon completion of the painting, which normally takes 2-4 months. When I’m done, I email you a photo and you can then ask me to change anything…or even rework the whole piece if you dont like it, until it’s 100% perfect for you. Usually they’re perfect on the first try…as I’m getting pretty good at this.    Shipping is free on all originals shipped within the US.

I also offer bulk discounts if you want to buy multiples. Typically I offer 50% off if you buy 10 paintings or more.  This is how most of my galleries stock their walls.  Email me with your offers and we’ll go from there.

All of these prices are for a basic portrait….one simple face on a canvas with no major changes from the original photo. Obviously, if you want multiple faces or anything else that adds time to the painting, it will raise the price.   As you will notice on my site, not all of my paintings stick to this price list…sometimes they take longer to create. Please email me with specific questions and send your photos and ideas to:

I can do any size you want. There is a bit of a limit on stretched canvas sizes, mainly because it’s tough to ship anything too huge…but after the stretched prices, I’ll list prices to have it delivered rolled in a tube…and there is no limit on size this way….Here is what I have:

(All of these sizes I have with thick 2″ gallery wrapped sides)

16″x20″ = $400 My smallest size and the ones I auction off cheap on These will be on wood and come framed in a classic black wood frame.  All other sizes are on stretched canvas

18″x18″ = $400

24″x24″ = $600

30″x30″ = $900

36″x36″ = $1,200

36″x48″ = $1600

48″x48″ = $1,800

18″x48″ = $800

20″x60″ = $1,500

24″x72″ = $2,000

Another option, if you want to go larger, is buying it on raw canvas delivered rolled in a tube. You’d have to take it to a frame shop to frame or stretch it…which is usually only around $100. This would be an easier way to get larger sizes for cheaper, plus I can ship a lot bigger of a piece this way.

The following is a price list for paintings painted on canvas and shipped rolled in a tube.  Some people just like to hang them this way, kind of like a circus banner…

20″x20″ = $300

18″x36″ = $400

24″x24″ = $500

20″x40″ = $500

30″x30″ = $600

24″x48″ = $700

36″x36″ = $800

28×52 = $900

40″x40″ = $900

30″x60″ = $1,000

36″x60″ = $1,200

44″x44″ = $1,200

40″x64″ = $1,400

48″x48″ = $1,400

44″x72″ = $1,600

48″x76″ = $1,800

52″x80″ = $2,000

This price list is by no means complete or concrete.  I can work with odd size requests and prices may vary depending on your idea. This is just to give you an idea so you can think about what you can afford and get started decorating your walls. Also, the 50% deposit is negotiable under certain conditions…if you need to make smaller payments I do offer layaway plans, but I don’t start the painting until 50% is paid and the finished painting will not be shipped until paid in full.

Thank you for your interest and business!